GSA Certified Container Inspections

GSA Certified Container Inspections

GSA Certified Container Inspections

Class 5, 6, & IPS/COMSEC

“Security containers are primarily used to store classified documents, components, materials, and equipment. In many cases they are also used to secure funds, valuables, communications equipment, weapons, and controlled substances. Department of Defense (DoD) Regulation 5200.1R states that weapons or sensitive items such as funds, jewels, precious metals, or drugs must never be stored in the same container used to store classified information. Storage of such items with classified information greatly increases the risk of compromising the classified material. Security containers approved for classified material storage are tested and certified by the General Services Administration (GSA). This assures a specific minimum level of protection against specified methods of unauthorized entry.” (DOD user’s guide UG-2045-SHR)

“GSA labels are affixed to the front exterior surface of the control drawer so that they will be clearly visible when the container is closed and locked.” (DOD user’s guide UG-2045-SHR)

If a GSA container is missing the GSA label on the exterior is it no longer GSA qualified and the container needs to be re-inspected. Other factors may warrant an inspection of a GSA container, such as a modification that needs to be addressed.

As an inspector we can make the following repairs on a container for GSA Class 5, 6, & IPS/COMSEC specifications:

  • Replacing a failed part on a container with a surplus part.
  • Welding per 809a
  • Servicing the suspension.
  • Re-certification of a container.
  • Adjusting the drawers to close and latch properly.
  • Repairing the bolt work.
  • Painting the container.


In regards to modifying a GSA Container, a modification may be interpreted as: welding a hasp, drilling holes, welding flanges, repairing a container improperly, opening a container improperly, adding to the container or taking away from the container that was not on the original construction. A brass plate can be found on some older GSA containers, the plate has two rivets that are drilled into the container, the GSA container is now modified.


“GSA container inspectors must be trained and pass a written exam. Inspectors may only be trained by MBA and Lockmasters. Inspector authorization is valid for a period of three years after which inspectors must successfully complete an Update course. The Update course is valid for three years.” (From the DOD Lock Program)


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