Over 30 Years Experience Serving Federal, State And Local Government Agencies. We Support Our Troops!

A to Z Lock & Safe has a long history of providing integrated security locksmith services to governments entities. We have experience working with executive, judicial and legislative branches at the federal, state and local level. Also, we provide security solutions to many courthouses, police departments, public building, and schools. We proudly support our government and military!


Security is paramount for government facilities. Providing a measure of security that prevents unwarranted access to government documents, and entrance to private areas and facilities is imperative. In order to bolster security services for government entities, A to Z Lock & Safe offers high quality security products and services designed to regulate restricted access areas, provide a means of deterent against intruders, and protect the men and women who serve our government.

Our team is experienced in working with government purchasing systems to deliver effective solutions on time and on budget. We work with some of the largest security manufacturers and offer products on the General Services Administration (GSA) Approved Vendor List , we are looked to for best practices for cost-effective contracting, design and implementation of the our government locksmith services.