Kaba Oracode Series

Perfect Solution For Property Managers… Oracode!

The Oracode keyless locks  system is designed to increase security for the homeowner, guest, staff and management. With the ability to record all transactions in the lock and on the web, accountability is clear. KABA Oracode is a perfect solution for vacation rentals and property managers that have remote check-in requirements and looking for a keyless solution.

  • Codes can be generated ahead of time through the Internet
  • Access can be given days, months or years in advance with no risk of access being compromised
  • Any transaction that takes place on the Oracode system can be traced
  • The system will grant unique access up to 128 users
  • By using e-codes instead of traditional keys or cards, you have a virtual fingerprint of everyone who enters the unit.
  • Codes are automatically deactivated at the end of their stay
  • The lock has a capacity to remember the time and date of the last 1,000 events.

Below is a short 1:30 video on how it works:

Going a step further…Simplicity

KABA Oracode 660k

KABA Oracode 660k starting at $549/ea.

Guests have chosen a rental property for their vacation. Why give them the stress of arriving by a certain time, at a separate location, to pick up a keycard or keys?

  • Once your property is booked and paid for, your guest is given a time and date specific code that serves as an electronic key
  • The code is time specific, opening on the arrival date and automatically expiring on departure
  • Designed to handle from one to thousands of units (in one location or all over the world)
  • Guests don’t have to check in anywhere or pick-up and drop-off keys
  • Renters have the option to change the code to a simple or familiar number if they wish
  • Codes can be given verbally, by fax or email
  • Visit the lock once to initialize it and return only when an audit is necessary
  • NO software to install.

No Keys, No Cards

  • KABA Oradoce 460k

    KABA Oradoce 460k

    The “no keys, no cards” concept is ideal for all parties involved in rental properties –
    owners, guests, vendors and maintenance people.

  • The keyless solution eliminates the cost of managing keys or cards
  • The keyless solution eliminates the need to reproduce any lost or stolen keys
  • Guests can sleep soundly knowing that no one else has a key to the property during their stay
  • Guests don’t need to remember where they put their keys or access cards
  • A complete system that is so flexible it can work in any function required
  • This versatile and reliable security system can operate as a web based stand-alone or interface with a Property Management System (PMS).

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