MUL-T-LOCK Meets Customer Challenges

Mul-T-Lock’s vast experience in different business segments and facilities enables it to deliver a variety of solutions that answer particular needs. From small businesses to large chains and complexes, Mul-T-Lock’s responsiveness is highly professional.


Mul-T-Lock RetailRetail

Lack of key control, lock manipulation, and employee theft all play a major role in the ever-rising amount of shrinkage. Mul-T-Lock offers a wide range of high security solutions for loss prevention. Products designed to secure showcases, doors, drawers and more offer pick, drill and bump resistance with patent-protected keys for superior key control. Choose Mul-T-Lock to secure showcases containing valuable items, stock rooms, sensitive employee and customer information and more.

Mul-T-Lock HealthcareHealthcare

Healthcare facilities such as hospitals, doctors offices, clinics and more include many sensitive security areas. Patients, medical records and other confidential documents, pharmaceuticals, and medical supplies are just a few of the many assets that cannot afford to be without high security protection. Mul-T-lock offers solutions to secure, exterior and interior doors, cabinets, drawers, sliding doors and more. Mul-T-Lock lets you instantly upgrade these areas to vicinities that are protected from lock manipulation techniques, unauthorized key duplication and have the capacity for highly customized key holder access rights through convenient and innovative concepts and technologies.

Mul-T-Lock EducationEducation

Campus Security is a Big Responsibility – Let Mul-T-Lock Help You Do Your Job. Unfortunately, recent news and statistics show that a disturbing amount of tragic events and criminal activities continue to escalate among educational campuses. Our goal is to keep campus facility managers and security personnel with the most current information regarding high security options and to help you identify your current level of security to see how Mul-T-Lock high security can increase your protection, eliminate existing security vulnerabilities and provide convenient and cost-effective solutions for saving time, resources and money.

Mul-T-Lock FinanceFinance

Insurance companies have unique security legitimization needs, requiring an audit trail that will clearly demonstrate who had legitimate access to specific premises or other property. The patented and proven Interactive® CLIQ system is an excellent solution.

Mul-T-Lock IndustryIndustry

There are many sites for which security is a top priority. In most cases, they are large and comprised of different zones. The areas can be classified by many factors such as access authorization to different positions or by security level. The Colored C-Series Padlock enables management indicating visually which zones are permitted, what is the level of safety of each zone etc.

Mul-T-Lock GovernmentGovernment

Municipalities must manage a multitude of public premises in many locations. These premises must be safely secured, yet easily accessible to authorized personnel and/or the public. For ease and effective management of numerous premises and facilities, the Masterkey concept is a proven answer.

Mul-T-Lock TransportationTransportation

Companies operating fleets, from small utility vans to large delivery trucks, want to know that their cargo is secured, while accessible to those authorized to use it. An excellent example of a locking system profiled for the industry, is the WatchLock® GPS Enabled Padlock, which can inform users of where the padlock is and when it’s been opened, closed or attacked.

Mul-T-Lock ConstructionConstruction

During construction, contractors wish to provide easy access to workers and lock up apartments when not in use. Upon delivery of the apartments to customers, however, each apartment must have its own exclusive access system. The innovative design of Mul-T-Lock’s Construction Key concept is a direct response to these challenges.

Mul-T-Lock Property ManagementProperty Management

Mul-T-Lock high security solutions ensure unprecedented security for condominiums by offering patent-protected MT5®+ and Interactive®+ key control. These systems ensure that only authorized individuals can obtain keys by presenting proper proof of identification.

Mul-T-Lock GamingGaming

Casinos are ripe with areas and assets that need to be secured and monitored at all times. In order to have a truly secure establishment, you need key control—the ability to restrict key duplication abilities to only those that are authorized, physical security that will resist attempts at lock manipulation techniques such as picking, drilling and bumping and the ability to quickly respond to lost key events and changes in personnel warranting access right adjustments.


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